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Bose Home Theater and Sony OLED TV

Residential Home Theater

We all have visions and we all deserve to have them come to light so why not let us help yours come true?

With our Home theater service, you are in total control on how service performed in your home.  We understand you have choices.  We understand retailers go out of their way to limit those choices.  Not us.

Purchased your TV off Amazon?  Walmart?  Costco?  Why should you not have the same level of service in your home?  With our expert knowledge, we can promise you the best possible look and sound with your system and all at reasonable pricing over other service providers and we warranty our work for the lifetime of your home.

Not sure what service is best for you?  Call us and try our In Home Consultation!  Our expert technician will spend an hour with you in your home going over every possible avenue and idea to help your dream system come to life.

Commercial Audio and Video

Whether you are a small business owner looking to add audio for your salon or restaurant owner looking to get ready for those big weekend games for your patrons, our custom distributed Audio and Video solutions have you covered.  Everything from Pro Audio installations for your nightclub to just plain addition areas of sound to add elegance and ambiance for your customers.

We offer a full line of commercial and small business solutions from digital signage, distributed audio and video to pro audio (PA)  for your bar, Restaurant  Church, Conference room and more.  Call us for your free on-site assessment today.

CCTV/Security Surveillance 

Protect your investment through our selection of CCTV installation services that will let you sleep with the ease of mind in knowing that your family, property and livelihood are protected under the watchful eye of our custom installed 24 hour surveillance security systems and Digital video recorders (DVR).

Whether you are just looking to add a zone of extra security for home or child monitoring or you are looking to safeguard your business, we have the answer for you.  From simple DVR to off site cellular/pc monitoring, we have it all.  Contact us to set up your free on-site survey today and find out.

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