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Premium Theater Package

This is the premium package for the discerning client who wishes to have the best in class audio and performance.  All Sonance  Reference powered audio will provide hours of endless entertainment, clarity and quality for all your contracting needs.  With Sonance award winning design and Limited Lifetime Warranty on all their speakers, you can sleep at night knowing your system will produce award winning audio in your home as long as you own your home.

All System packages include labor, all equipment (Except TV, Cable/Sat Box, Blueray/DVD), Wiring and cables to complete the installation and customer support after the install is complete.  Add one of our remote control options below for a fully bulletproof installation.


Advanced Theater Package

Take your audio to the next level with this custom package of high fidelity ahi


Simple Theater Package

Sometimes, Simple is what we are looking for.  A simple straight forward bundle made to order that is both acoustically and visually compelling, Economic and easy to use.


Sonos Theater Package

We all love our streaming audio and Sonos is no exception.  Take advantage of a simple yet modern approach to theater with a Package that includes the Sonos PLAY:BAR, Sonos Sub and 2 Sonos Play ONEs to create this simple yet elegant theater creation or go without the surrounds and Sub to make your TV audio in any auxiliary room sound better 


Sonos Add Room Package

Add simple and refined music to every room in the home with a pair of Sonance Speakers and Sonos Amp

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