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With over 18 years in the industry of consumer electronics installation and service, Concepts Audio and Video is your revolutionary way on how service is performed in your Home and business.  From our flat panel TV installation services to our Business and commercial solutions, you can be assured you are receiving amazing workmanship at a fair value you can be proud of.

Our Core Values

"Our effort is try to bring simplicity to the consumer, not confuse them with technical ramble but to bring them to our level and to deliver an experience that matters." -Bruce Federico(Owner/Lead technician)

- To Offer the Best level of service and solutions for all levels of interest.  Basic to Extreme, Simple to Complex, we have the right answer for you

- To Treat your home as it was our very own. 

- To offer support and knowledge when you need it

- To understand all customers are unique with unique needs and visions.  No person is the same, No family is the same.  We customize your experience for you and you alone

- To have fun while being the best at what we do.

"In 18 Years of performing Consumer Electronics services, I think the one thing that draws me to the field everyday are the people I meet. People and Families of great diversity and unique interests and visions.    It is truly something I value and embrace. 

The modern day consumer has changed.  They are no longer interested in hearing technical ramblings, "catch phrases" or buzz words.  They know what they want...They are just looking for someone to deliver the experience to them....Educate them, be their smart friend, not just another sales person trying to make a figure. 

Our vision is simple and I like to think it is the very same as the customers we see and talk to everyday.... A vision of good.  A vision of seamless integration of technology into your daily lives so you may spend those precious moments with your families.  Whether it is those quiet moments of watching your favorite Pixar character with your children on Netflix or Skype chat with your spouse or loved one overseas, these are moments to be savored...not spent on the phone with tech support.

This technology, whether it is your PC, your LED TV, or even your Navigation head unit you still have sitting in the box....These things are brought into your worlds to make things easier, fun, entertaining and it is our promise to you to make it that way.

We are the masters of our own creation...Let us show you how"

-Bruce Federico
Owner/Senior Technician

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